Crimson Clover

Crimson Clover Seeds


Seed Specs

  • Average seed per pound: 149,000
  • Emergence time: 7 – 10 days
  • Minimum soil temperature for germination: 42 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Drill: 10 – 20 pounds per acre
  • Broadcast with light incorporation: 11 – 22 pounds per acre
  • Aerial or surface seeding: 12 – 24 pounds per acre

Cover Crop Information

(Trifolium incarnatum L.)

Crimson is an excellent choice if you desire to provide nitrogen for your next cash crop. It is often mixed with other types of cover crops like annual ryegrass in order to capture more nutrients as well as produce nitrogen. In order to accomplish maximum nitrogen production, the crimson needs to grow until the later part of April for maximum nitrogen production. Some farm managers are going in and terminating the other cover crop and leaving the crimson clover to grow until a later date. This allows them to increase their nitrogen and also begin the decomposition of the other cover crop in order to begin to release nutrients back into the soil. However by allowing the crimson to be left growing they monitor the soil moisture, so not to dry the soil out too much for the following cash crop. Crimson is also beneficial for grazing or forage.

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