New Products


Assist Annual Ryegrass

will be available in limited supply this season. Assist was bred and selected for the fast root development and winter hardiness. In preliminary studies, it is producing 15% more root mass than Bounty. Assist has also proven to perform in extreme winter conditions better than Bounty, its predecessor.

Assist certified seed will also begin to enter the market in limited supplies this growing season

Bounty Annual Ryegrass w/ Bayou Kale-Cross

bounty-bayouMany producers have begun to utilize rape and Bounty Annual Ryegrass mixes on their operations. The reason for this is, the impressive fibrous root system of rape in combination with Bounty really attack the compaction layers that we all find in our soils. Also by adding a brassica to our cover crop mixes we are promoting earthworm activity.

Bayou is our preference on account of is increased cold tolerance in most conditions.