Bounty Annual Ryegrass

BountyAnnualRyegrassMeasuring the corn rooting depth where annual ryegrass had been grown for three years as a cover crop. The corn exceeded 48 inches following the old root channels made by the Bounty annual ryegrass. In an adjacent plot in the same field but no ryegrass, the corn was only 30 inches deep. Once can expect Bounty to root 20-40 inches the first year depending on the soil type. We expect the roots to be 48-60 inches deep after three years of annua lryegrass cover crop. In trials, as the annual ryegrass rooted deeper so did the corn or soybean crops that followed. Each year as the ryegrass roots deeper, so do the following crops. Compared to zone tillage, this is much cheaper and in many cases much more effective becuase of the additional benefits that annual ryegrass adds. Bounty annual ryegrass not only provides excellent rooting depth but also increases the soil organic matter which improves water storage and water infiltration. Each time the soil organic matter is improved one percentage point, one acre will store 10,000 more gallons of water. Annual ryegrass cover crops have increased water infiltration rates by 400% in three years. This along with the increase storage by the organic matter relates to increased crop yields, expecially during periods of drought.

Bounty Annual Ryegrass is the top survivor 2 out of 3 years. Bounty has been used on farms for 9 years from WI to TN with similar success. Bounty is an exclusive variety of Saddle Butte Ag Inc. The Commission Blend also had Bounty in it along with several of the other varieties trialed and some that were not in the trial.

Summary of Annual Ryegrass Varieties’ Winter Hardiness
Variety2006 stand means2007 stand means2008 stand means3 year means
Angus 1655.73635.6
Commission Blend90.738.34558
Flying a7017.736.741.4
Passerel +58.36059.2
Saddle butte5966.761.762.4
Saddle pro74.366.761.767.5
Soil builder8659.34964.8
LSD 0.0512.813.51321.7
LSD 0.1010.611.310.818
Summary Table of Annual Ryegrass Root Growth
Variety3 year mean of root growth in inches
Angus 118.9
Commission Exp22.7
Flying a21.4
Saddle butte26.4
Saddle pro24.4
Soil builder 24.1
LSD 0.056.6
LSD 0.15.5


Once again, Bounty Annual Ryegrass was right at the top of the trial for rooting depth. Saddle Butte is a blend of Bounty and Florlina. Both Bounty and Florlina are exclusive products of Saddle Butte Ag Inc.
Bounty Annual

Bounty annual ryegrass in corn

In trials in Florida, Bounty was number two in crude protein for the season. In trials in Tallahasee, AL Bounty was in the top five out of nineteen and there was less than 2% difference between Bounty and the top yield. In trials in Jeanerette, LA Bounty was 2nd, less than 1.5% below the top yielder. Bounty annual ryegrass has topped the trials for forage yields in Griffin, GA. This was a two season average. Varieties in the trial were ones like Ribeye, Passerel, Marshal and many more. Bounty has proven to be a consistent height yielder across the South Eastern US. It has also been one of the higher protein varieties in yield and protein trials.

When overseeding in warm season grasses, it is hard to beat Bounty annual ryegrass with its high forage yields and high protein. These will help make the winter grazing more profitable.